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Ending hunger and boosting education

Every month your subscription fee will lovingly sponsor at least 3 school lunches for Filipino children through our two feeding program partners ARK and Kusina Ng Kalinga. By providing meals you will also help raise average school attendance from 70% to 95% as hunger prevents many kids from leaving home. Read more about our wonderful feeding partners below.

With ARK’s school lunch, YOU obliterate hunger and malnutrition, get kids back to school, and create a new economy. The lunch is fresh and organic, proteins and vegetables, grown in school and parents’ backyards. It is a partnership. Parents make the food and care for the gardens. Teachers track impact and manage the program. Barangay councils help fund kitchens. You subsidize and create a path for the community, who pays day 1, to fully secure their food, schooling and income for life in just 3 years!


Kusina ng Kalinga (KnK) is one of Gawad Kalinga’s programs for Child & Youth Development that aims to end hunger among Filipino children. Through KnK, GK is nourishing young children’s dreams by providing care meals for undernourished children in public schools, on the streets and even in disaster areas. The meals are prepared in local central kitchens where volunteer parents and community members pitch in. Hunger ends where caring begins.